6 Ways To Find Your Birth Parents

Trying to find your birth parents can seem like a daunting task. Sometimes all you might have is a name or a rough description of the person. Other times, you might have nothing at all. Here are some tips to help you find your birth parents regardless of your circumstances.

  1. Obtain an original copy of your birth certificate. This is particularly important if you are part of a closed adoption. Your original birth certificate will have your birth mother’s name clearly listed. It also contains information including the city and county you were born in, which may also come in handy during your search.
  2. Run a basic internet search. This is more helpful than a social media search initially because official documents including marriage records, criminal records, and death records are most likely to appear. Use all of the information at your disposal to verify the identity of the person you are searching for and be aware that you may find another link to your birth parent first. For example: While searching for your birth mother, you may stumble upon the criminal record of a biological sibling first and go from there.
  3. Now do a social media search. This seems to be the most common way to reconnect with birth parents but it can be extremely tricky to navigate. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter do not require their users to use their legal names nor do they do any sort of identity verification. For example you may be looking for a woman named Alexandra Smith, however, she has since married and goes by a nickname making her difficult to find. Many social media sites also have customizable security settings to protect their users. Your birth parent’s security settings may simply be set too high for you to find them in a traditional search.
  4. Start a social media sharing chain. This is another popular method used to reunite families. Write a social media post, preferably with a photograph, listing all the details you know about your birth parents and circumstances surrounding your adoption, as well as a way to contact you. Then share that post and encourage others to do the same. After enough times and shares, the hope is that someone will notice the post, recognize you or the information, and get in contact with you to help you with your search.
  5. Hire a private investigator. This is probably the most expensive and most effective method. A private investigator has both the time and resources to run an exceptionally thorough investigation to discover who your birth parents are and their current location. Due to their training, and experience, they may also have access to search tools you may not which will further increase the likelihood of success.
  6. Take an online adoption reunion class. Adoption.com has created the only online video class that extensively teaches you how to DIY your own adoption search. The course has 16 videos that answer frequently asked questions and teaches you how to use tools to help you with your search. Click here to learn more about the course.

Trying to find your birth parents can be a challenge but it is possible. Explore your options, find out what works best for you and let others help you along the way. Reunification is possible if you use the right resources and patiently work through the process.